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The Zone and Paleo are the nutrition programs or “diets” encourage by CrossFit and most CrossFitters around the world. Any CrossFit site you visit will most likely have a page or blog specifically for nutrition and food. This should be a good indicator as to how important it is to your success and why it is at the base of the CrossFit Pyramid. Many people are unsure of what to eat and how to break learned habits and behaviours towards food, even when given a meal plan it can be difficult to put it into action. Hopefully these pictures will help you see exactly how quick and simple a healthy meal can be. Pick a meal, make it, eat it, get healthy, feel better.
We have had time copying everything over from our old site. Please see our Facebook Page for a huge gallery of recipes/meals that will promote fatloss/weightloss.

Here are some great video links to get you started. Be sure to also check out the links on the side of our home page as well as the awesome nutrition videos on our facebook page.

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Chop veg.(green onion, red pepper, broccoli ) fine so that no prior cooking is necessary, add to 2-4 mixed eggs and pour into frying pan with lid on it, when top begins to solidify flip for 30 seconds. Season with herbamare (available at supermarket) and pepper.

Same as above with a side of strawberries. Experiment with different veg.

Fine chop and saute veg. in olive or coconut oil for a few minutes, remove from pan and scramble eggs or have with any type of canned fish for breakfast or lunch.


The left is a conventional egg, the right is an egg from a pastured/grass fed chicken. Notice the thicker raised albumen and rich dark orange color of the pastured egg due to higher nutrients such as beta carotene and omega 3. The conventional egg is watery and pale yellow. Pastured eggs are not available at grocery stores and usually need to be bought from the farmer. The best place I have found for pastured eggs and naturally raised pastured beef is Thistle Brae Farm in Ancaster, ON. If you’re worried about cholesterol and have been sucked in to the low fat/low cholesterol scam you should definitely read this link(click on the numbers on the new site for more info.) and the others scattered on this page in red.

Simple Zone wrap on a whole wheat pita w/ hummus, chicken thighs, veg. and strawberries on the side.


A quick mid morning or afternoon snack of raw almond butter and pear or apple.

Home made turkey patties w/ a little pesto on top, brazil nuts and an orange.


Paleo spaghetti. Top raw or steamed zucchini noodles made using a spiralizer/mandolin with home made meat sauce.


Grilled veg., steamed beets and sausage with a glass of wine. Try and find good quality sausage, possibly from a farmers market or butcher. When eating low glycemic natural foods you can afford to have a glass of wine with dinner.

CrossFit Stoney Creek Paleo

Tuna or salmon, celery, green onion, cherry tomato, olive oil and seasonings all mixed up.

CrossFit Stoney Creek

Saute veg., raw veg., tuna and a chunk or table of coconut oil. If there isn’t enough fat in your meal add more. Fat is good. Your body needs it for healthy skin, hair, nails and hormones.

CrossFit Stoney Creek Paleo

Prime rib, chopped and sauted kale, fried tomato. Season w/ sea salt and pepper. Celery on the side.


Seared tuna steak with steamed veg.


This was delicious. Fry up some quality bacon(nitrate/nitrite free), then take two pieces of it and chop fine with a hand full of sprouts while its still hot, throw a hand full of cherry toms in the bacon fat for a couple minutes and have some blueberries on the side.


This is a good snack for adults and kids. Brazil nuts or almonds stuffed in half of a majool date. Some raw cheese with it for protein, fat, vit. A, D, Calcium


Steak tar tar. Pretty simple. Shape a couple hand fulls, put a dent in the middle to hold the egg yolk, salt and pepper it and garnish with some veg. I would not eat raw meat dishes from grocery store bought meat. Find a good farmer who raises pastured animals. If you think this is strange google it and check out the many different ways to prepare it. Popular in Europe.


Raw cheese, veg. and olives. The mediterranean and french secret. High fat, moderate protein, veg., fruit and indulge in rich sweet foods on occasion and in small portions that are savoured.


More steak tar tar. As I mentioned above, I get good quality healthy grass fed beef from Thistle Brae Farm in Ancaster.


This is raw dessert using dates and ground nuts mixed in food processor and pressed into a oiled or greased glass dish. Top with fruit puree or berries on the side. Its a lot healthier than anything from the store.


Pan fried fish, pan fried coconut shrimp and mixed green salad.


Chopped greens, shredded beets, red pepper, canned tuna or salmon and black sesame seeds on top. Oil and vinegar dressing(use raw apple cider vinegar for dressings).





IMG_1273 (2)


Here is the recipe to those Kale chips some of you tried today.

Wash 1 head of kale, pat dry as best as possible, chop roughly and place in a large bowl, drizzle a little olive oil over, sprinkle some Herbamare(first recipe on page) or sea salt, drizzle a small amount of raw apple cider vinegar over(optional) and mix and massage very well until the kale turns a bright green color. Let it sit for 10-30 minutes. Spread the leaves out on a baking sheet and put in the oven on 200 deg. fer. for 2-3 hours or until dry and crispy. Make sure they are dry, if there is moisture in them they will go bad over time.

Enjoy this super healthy alternative to chips.

Experiment with other flavors like cajun spice-mix tobasco sauce with the oil, mix dry ingredients, sea salt, chilli powder and pepper and work in like above.

Kale Chips

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