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Greatly Improved my Health

Before and After

I really can’t say enough about what you’ve done for me over the last year.
When I first joined CrossFit Stoney Creek, I was in the worst shape of my life.

I Have Never Felt Better

Rylie Before and After

My name’s Rylie , I’m 19 and absolutely hooked on crossfit! Not long ago, I was a competitive figure skater from the age of 10 on and over the years competed in Canada and Internationally in Spain, France and New York. As an athlete you have many goals, some of which I had accomplished, but the opportunity to continue to train for 2014 Olympics was no longer an option and I was forced to leave my sport. Not training or working out, not having a goal or feeling good about myself really had me thinking there wasn’t anything that could replace that feeling.

Crossfit Kids Parent

As fitness can be a little intimidating, I have been very impressed with how open and supportive Stoney Creek Crossfit has been. Staff are welcoming and open to questions. I wanted the kids to be in a place where they felt supported thereby increasing their confidence. The program is designed for you to be successful regardless of your fitness level going in.

Crossfit Kids

I have really enjoyed the benefits of crossfit to help my endurance in swimming and keeping my strength. Phil makes the class fun and is a really supportive trainer. We are always doing something new while building on what we already know to keep our bodies challenged.

CrossFit Kids

Crossfit has really helped me with my balance for snowboarding and increased co-ordination. My muscles are getting stronger and I feel better every week! I sleep better and am just over all more conditioned. Phil is a great trainer. He is fun and keeps you motivated.

Extreme Changes Came Quick

Dave After

Hey Lee and Lorna Sorry it took a bit to write but there’s so much that I want and could write that it made it hard. Ohh well, here you go. Crossfit Stoney Creek has been my crossfit home since November 11, 2012. When I first started Crossfit I was 215 lbs, out of shape…

Great Results!

Jamie after

To Lee, Lorna, Jazz, Kody It’s been a while for the testimonial to come only because I expected to see a plateau in performance like I did at the previous facilities I went to. 8 months in and no plateau. In fact, increased results. A little about myself for testimonial purposes. 31 year old father…