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Mom Looks and feels Great!

stoney creek bootcamp

At 32 years old, 2 boys ages 3.5yrs and 15months old and 2 c-sections later, I can honestly say that this is the best I have ever looked (as can those who have known me for a significant amount of time) and the best I have ever felt. I wake up in the morning pain free and have the strength and energy to keep up with my very busy boys and now I can teach them by example how to make the right choices for their lives so that they grow up strong, healthy and not just be another number in the ever rising cases of child hood obesity.

It’s Never Too Late to Get Healthy!


I walked into Cross Fit Stoney Creek feeling like I was at the lowest point in my life with no confidence, 30 pounds overweight and no self esteem. I met Lorna and Lee and explained what I had been through, 2 surgeries and 6 months of treatments etc. They were both great and very understanding. I completed the class and decided I would sign up.
So I did, not knowing this free class would change my life completely.

Lifestyle Change!

Stoney Creek CrossFit Testimonial

I have for the most part stuck to these guide lines. Weight loss began rapidly, by the end of the first month I had lost 18 pounds. It has now been four months since I started living by these guild lines and I weigh 171 pounds. I have lost 41 pounds since my first day of crossfit and am thrilled with all the results I have obtained with the help of the staff of Crossfit Stoney Creek.

Couldn’t be Happier!

Crystal before after

I’ve been a member of CrossFit StoneyCreek since the end of March, 2010. I’m no stranger to the world of CrossFit, as I was a member of another box before joining Stoney Creek. However, in the 3 months since I’ve joined CFSC I’ve lost 33 pounds, dropped 2 pant sizes, and significantly increased my strength. I am officially the lightest I’ve been since highschool, which was 10 years ago!! I’ve already surpassed all my old personal records and am currently on my way to reaching new goals. It’s the hard work and dedication of the trainers, Lee and Lorna, that have enabled me to come this far in such a short time.

Feeling Great!

personal training stoney creek

Al Ingram I started at Stoney Creek Crossfit in reasonable shape. I had recently run a 30km race for the second year in a row however was a fair bit heavier the second time around. I thought I was making great progress at Crossfit but didn’t realize how much was truly effected by diet alone….

Parents gets healthy together!

Cathy and Jim before and after

My daughter, Christine finally persuaded me into coming out to the free trial session at Crossfit Stoney Creek on February 26th, 2011. After that session, I was hooked & realized even though I was active in hockey, bowling & baseball; I was totally out of shape & overweight. It was time to make a change in my lifestyle, with Lorna & Lee’s guidance. Lee & Lorna are very knowledgeable trainers on proper technique in weight strengthening, cardio fitness & nutrition.

Busy Mom Made Time

bootcamp binbrook

The hard work
quickly began to show results and I was addicted to the ‘new’ me and
the pounds I was losing. The change motivated me more and I couldn’t
get enough of the classes. This is the first time in my whole life
that I don’t feel I need to make excuses to skip the gym.

Strong and Fit!

Eric before and after

My experience at Crossfit Stoney Creek has been nothing short of amazing. I am in the mist of a transformation of my body, and all my success is owed to Lee, Lorna and CFSC. My name is Eric and I have been attending training sessions at CFSC for the past two and a half months and the results have been great!

Bikini Ready!

CrossFit Stoney Creek Testimonials

My cousin Stephanie who has been going to CrossFit Stoney Creek for a year, referred me to Lee and Lorna for a free trial class just to try it out. She told me how much she loved the program and how fast she noticed results. I didn’t see any reason not to try it out. Ever since the first day I stepped into CrossFit, I knew it was something I wanted to incorporate into my lifestyle. The exercises are challenging and can always be scaled down or up to meet your personal strength and abilities.