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Dad changes life!

crossfit grimsby

I go to Crossfit Stoney Creek. Best shape of my life. I lost 36 lbs and about 5 inches within 3 months and have never looked back. You should give it a try.

Passed Her Police Prep Test!

I am 21 years old and a Police Foundations student at Mohawk College in Brantford. I first started coming to CrossFit last September 2011 and it is by far one of the best decisions I have ever made. I’m the type of person that needs someone to basically give me a workout and tell me what to do instead of having to sit around at the gym lifting weights and using different machines. I’ve signed up and wasted hundreds of dollars on gym memberships, but never really saw any results.

A Better Athlete

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I played on the Brock varsity volleyball team and once school started I wasn’t sure if I would be able to keep up both Crossfit and practice but I was liking Crossfit too much to quit so I continued to go 3 times a week. Lee and Lorna tailored the workouts for me to improve aspects of my game, as well as making sure I took days to rest if I had games coming up. I began seeing improvements at practice right away. I could play for longer without getting as tired, I was stronger, felt that I could jump higher and that I was more explosive. As I began to see improvements I began telling others on my team that I had been doing crossfit. I convinced Ally (another girl on the team), to come and try crossfit with me. She also fell in love with it and we continued to go together 3 times a week for the rest of the season.


I am Hooked!

500lb Deadlift

My fiancée and I decided to give it a try. We met Lee and Lorna and thought it would be the perfect opportunity to get into shape for our backpacking trip across Europe. Well… the two months came and went, as did our trip to Europe and today we are both still going strong four days a week and look forward to Crossfit everyday.
From the first moment we walked into Crossfit both Andrea and I felt comfortable and part of a family that all get together to challenge ourselves to be the best we possibly can. I have met some amazing people in the gym and that has allowed me to push myself even harder then I thought possible.

Strength Went Way Up!

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Lee and Lorna have helped transform me from generic strength to full body functional strength. In a matter of 8 months, my strength and stamina were through the roof, and most importantly I don’t get bored. The combination of challenging and rewarding exercises keeps me focused and wanting to come in every day and work my ass off.

Something New!

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I remember when I was at another area box last year and Lee and Lorna just happened to be working out at the same time. I forget what the workout was but I do remember Lee pushing me to lift heavier than I had planned and building up the confidence in me to go bigger than I had before (when I was a complete stranger to him at that time). A few months later when I heard that he was opening a box not far from my home I knew that I had to follow. Since starting with Lee at Crossfit Stoney Creek I have seen gains that I never thought possible both mentally and physically. Lee’s coaching is encouraging without being in your face. This combination has been extremely great for myself and numerous others that I have seen grow in the same way as myself over the past few months.

Police Officer Takes Health Back!

If you want results you must come to crossfit Stoney Creek, Lee is knowledgeable with workouts, nutrition, warm-ups and stretches. Both Lee and Lorna are very personable and approachable and always willing to give advice. They are dedicated to health, fitness and wellness.

I owe it to both of them for regaining my life back in the fitness world.

No More Long Bouts of Cardio!

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking since I joined CrossFit Stoney Creek a month ago. I’ve been thinking about the value I’m receiving vs. all of the other “fitness” programs I have engaged in over the years. After my competitive swimming career, I started running, which lead me to triathlons. The workouts were long and the equipment was expensive. (bike’s aren’t cheap and you have to travel to compete) I didn’t complain about the dough, but I couldn’t walk very well some mornings and the dough around my mid-section never really went away, even though my body weight plummeted.

Lean, Strong, Past CPAT Test!

stoney creek personal training

The best and smartest thing I ever did was walk into CrossFit Stoney Creek and once you are there it will change your life forever and there is no going back!