CrossFit is a challenging and exciting fitness program that is growing rapidly and taking the fitness industry by storm. A CrossFit box is a place where people come together to be their best physically by working hard at functional movements that are useful, practical and rewarded in everyday life. The beauty of CrossFit is that anyone who is committed…

Boot Camp

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Our Boot Camp classes are perfect for any fitness level.  They are just as intense and as challenging as CrossFit, basically just scaled down and some of the more technical exercises substituted out. They are a great way to get your strength and cardio in.

Teams and Groups

  Bring in your team and we’ll whip them into shape. They need strength and conditioning (GPP, general physical preparedness) to be stronger and faster with better endurance. Sports Specific Training should be more of a focus after or along side the strength and conditioning. Having amazing stick handling skills won’t do much good if…

CrossFit Teens


The CrossFit Teens class is a strength and conditioning class for kids ages 13-17. It is similar to our regular CrossFit classes using age appropriate exercises to improve sports performance or to ‘just get in shape’. Our goal is develop competency in the 10 fitness domains: Cardiovascular and Respiratory Endurance, Stamina, Strength, Flexibility, Power, Speed,…

Personal Training


If for some reason you don’t feel that you are ready or are uncomfortable going straight into classes we offer 1 on 1 Personal Training or small private classes. EVERY TIME you come in for a workout you will be instructed and led by an experienced and Certified Personal Trainer/CrossFit Trainer/Agatsu Kettlebell Instructor/Agatsu Advanced Barbell Instructor/Registered Holistic Nutritionist….