About Us


CrossFit Stoney Creek and boot camp is a welcoming and supportive CrossFit gym. We pride ourselves on offering a safe and fun environment where people can feel comfortable exercising and striving to reach their goals.  Our members are all fantastic and completely support and encourage each other to do and be better. Our facility is the first CrossFit gym in the Stoney Creek area, we opened in 2009 and are equipped with air conditioning in the summer, heat in the winter, two bathrooms and two showers.

The staff here at CrossFit Stoney Creek are very friendly and knowledgble certified CrossFit trainers who promote health and wellness and generate positivity by encouraging and supporting our members each day. Please see our coach’s page for a full bio.

CrossFit is constantly varied high intensity functional movements. Intensity is relative to each individual and will feel different from person to person.  Our program delivers a fitness that is broad, general, and inclusive. Our specialty is not specializing. Many sports and everyday life reward this kind of fitness. We want you to be able to do the things you love outside the gym better, such as mountain biking, football, hiking, swimming and playing with your kids at the park. The CrossFit program is designed for universal scalability making it the perfect application for any committed individual regardless of experience. It has been proven that Short high intensity workouts produce better results than long duration, steady state cardiovascular workouts. See our classes page for more info on yoga and CrossFit kids.

Nutrition plays a big role in the results you’re going to get. Please see our testimonials page for examples of what healthy eating and exercise can do for you. We are passionate about nutrition as it is key in overall good health. Upon becoming a member you will receive a journal to track your workouts and progress and guidelines to healthy eating. Also browse the many nutrition links on our website.